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Our clients come to us from a diverse universe of federal, state, and public sectors seeking solutions to their biggest challenges in the training, professional development, and facilitation arenas. 


Malika Humphries

Emerging Consultant Solutions, LLC

“Two words, "Life-Changing". We are still benefiting and excelling, in revenues and effective decision-making, from Dr. DuBose's executive coaching. Her highly-engaging facilitation approach connects everyone in the room, whether virtual or in-person, and leaves you not wanting to take bathroom breaks! It's guaranteed you will leave with clarity and greater appreciation of your value, because she will not stop until you do! If you are ready for 10x growth, Dr. DuBose is your leadership coach!”
"Energizing, engaging and transformative!  My understanding of leadership has changed! I attended a professional development session and Dr. Shenelle Dubose shifted my very being..  I gained valuable knowledge from her forward-thinking expertise and I’ll be attending more of Dr. Dubose’s reflective and highly-interactive events!"

Danita Turner

Columbus City Schools


Dr. Mark Davis III

KIPP Oklahoma

"Shenelle is an expert at facilitating professional development sessions that are engaging and reflective. She then follows up with leadership coaching that made things I had been stressing about seem so simple. I've had coaching before, but this was next level!"
"I had the amazing opportunity to attend professional learning led by Dr. Shenelle DuBose. The session was highly engaging and interactive. She did a remarkable job facilitating the learning. The time passed by so quickly, I didn’t want it to end! It was one of the best learning engagements that I've been a part of. From the moment Dr. DuBose began speaking, she brought life and light into the atmosphere. I could tell she was a master at her content through her delivery. She certainly is a thought leader in this area. Afterwards, I was able to use what I learned to shift my practice and go to the next level."

Robyn Queen


Dr. Lynne Shipley

Instructional Coach | Consultant Hickman Mills School District

"Dr. Shenelle DuBose is a consultant and coach who assisted our teachers in developing instructional strategies and practices that elevated student learning. Her thoughtful analysis of our middle school regarding best practices is still used today as our school moves forward in a post-pandemic educational setting. Dr. DuBose's attention to detail, team building exercises, knowledge of the curricula, and follow through gave our staff and administrative team concrete steps and ideas on how to improve our school to improve student learning."
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