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Achieve more with a specialized coaching experience tailored to your needs.

Agile Design and Services aims to nurture transformative authentic leaders, improve your managerial skills and abilities to achieve better leadership capabilities. 

We use industry best practices for leadership development to empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take responsibility and approach every problem as a challenge with a positive attitude.

We understand that leadership is complex and the inner work of the leader impacts the outer work achieved by the organization.

Our Leadership Development and Coaching Programs are designed to guide leaders to clarify their vision for their organizations, set critical implementation milestones, and create a support network to help them through the difficult days.


ADS’s 1-on-1 coaching for executives and managers brings to life our assessment analytics to help you turn information into action steps. The action steps will provide the direction to identify natural strengths, areas of preference and passions, and improve productivity, confidence, and job satisfaction. Our coaching sessions will focus not only on you but also on your role in the organization's objectives.

Individual coaching sessions require relationships built on trust. At ADS, we knows how to establish and build relationships and ask the right questions to create deep self-reflection and lasting impact. 


Small Group

We believe that organizational change occurs efficiently when there
is clarity around leadership roles, expectations, and performance.  Our small group workshop drives your team to learn and strategize plans they can take back to their respective roles and implement immediately. Each leader will determine their problem of practice (POP) that they will address in a quarter or semester and collaborate with other leaders and managers to strategize innovative solutions to the identified problem. This event will allow participants to:

  • Share ideas about key research and a problem of practice the leader would like to address.

  • Discuss concerns that have not been addressed in other forums.

  • Learn from others about their experiences in other teams and environments.

  • Consider issues that are emerging through recent research and real-life events.

  • Meet and network with others interested in the similar problems of practice.

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Leadership Retreats

We offer personalized retreats designed to create an experience of a lifetime.

Our leadership retreats are designed to create an experiential learning experience on leadership and team building. During this time, leaders will engage in rich discussions, deep reflection and strategic planning. This experience will provide practical, meaningful team building among the leadership team.

Retreats can be designed to meet the specific needs of the leaders and organization through customized content, activities and exercises tailored to their individual needs and goals.


Speaking Engagements

Our team of seasoned coaches, teachers, and leaders are also professional speakers who can speak at your conferences or company events to engage your team or organization on topics related to education and innovation. Our speakers have worked with companies such as Discovery Education and the University of Phoenix.

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