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Advice For New Assistant Principals and the Power of Authentic Leadership

Assistant Principals (AP) are challenged to take an interesting role in the workplace. As their job position is still in flux, it can be difficult to get the most out of the position as they prepare to become principal one day. Assistant Principals support the principal in leading and making decisions for the school. However, they are also responsible for maximizing the training, experience, and impact they have on their schools in the meantime.

Most APs are eager to get things done in their new position. It’s important to remember there is room to make mistakes and lean into this training season. Life as an AP is an ideal time to learn about the school, culture, people, traditions and values of the local school. Preparation is key to equipping yourself with the proper leadership tools to lead with confidence and authenticity.

In this article, we will explore some pertinent advice for assistant principals, alongside the power of authentic leadership for expediting your goals.

Observation Is Beneficial For Your Growth

Assistant principals can feel like they are an ‘in-between job’ that lacks structure and boundaries. Don’t try to get working on drastic changes in your school right away. Remind yourself as an AP that it’s okay to take a step back and do less sometimes. Observation is the best way to learn from your peers and lead principal. If you find yourself prioritizing listening and learning, this is a sign you are prioritizing your training.

Create a Collaborative Relationship With Your Principal

Prioritize a foundation of collaboration with your principal, even if they don’t take the initiative themselves. Make sure you are aware of your boss’s work style, goals, and personal experience as the principal. Maintain a baseline level of respect, but don’t let this discount a working collaboration.

Transparency and collaboration are the best ways to ensure objective leadership for the school. Keep in mind that some principals don’t prioritize the AP’s role so you will have to pave the way for your short and long-term goals.

Be Ready to Learn on the Job

Even APs with the most thorough preparation will need to surrender to learning on the job. There will be tasks you have to unravel and judge based on your expertise, and this is part of the learning process of becoming a leader. Don’t try to predict how your experience as an assistant principal will go. Instead, be ready to embrace the changes and show up to work with an open mind.

Find an Authentic Leadership Coach

Every assistant principal can benefit from an authentic leadership coach that supports your journey and helps you embody your true potential. Authentic leadership encourages you to step into your confidence, autonomy, and contribution in the workplace. Consequently, you can collapse your timelines and reach your goals with efficiency. APs can struggle to be patient with their experience as they are often eager to jump into the principal seat.

Let an authentic leadership coach guide you every step of the way with tools and strategies that will transform your outreach during this transition period. If you are looking for an authentic leadership coach, reach out to my team today and let's connect!

We work alongside you to help you embody your true potential in the workplace while minimizing stress and anxiety. Most importantly, you are able to step into your personal strengths instead of pretending to be someone you aren’t. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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