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About Us

Agile Designs and Services, LLC is a woman-owned, full-service consulting firm founded and owned by renowned educator, Dr. Shenelle M. DuBose and inspired by her passion for education and her belief in building an authentic learning environment.   Her 20+ years of experience has set the stage for delivering full-service leadership and management training programs for federal organizations and public education.

Dr. DuBose’s integrated approach will deliver a complete workforce solution from concept to full implementation with a tailor-made solution for your organization.

What Sets Us Apart

Our “one stop shop” approach offers workforce consultations and solutions to cover all aspects of program implementation from concept, administration, to instructional design and training implementation. We eliminate knowledge gaps through delivery of full service and prompt solutions unique to the needs of your organization.

our vision

To imagine and create the ultimate organizational learning experience that will form a lasting educational impact

our mission

To enhance and motivate learning in a fair, just and caring environment

our objective

To provide fully integrated learning and training solutions that are as unique as your organization and those valuable associates who make up your team

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